New to the Garlic Salt stable!

We're always creating new and exciting products in our farm kitchen. Sometimes it looks a bit like a laboratory! So not to waste a single clove of our organically grown garlic, we've created another salt to compliment our two current salt products. There are now three delicious and very different tasting salts to try out! The new one is a straight up natural salt. No flavours. And definitely no preservatives! This is an excellent addition to a tempura batter, or a crumb that you might use to coat your chicken or fish with. Sprinkle it on your steamed vegetables. Salt your steak! Our favourite snack at the moment is tossing a tray of cashews or almonds in a little coconut oil. Bake them for a

And we have GOLD! Twice!

We're doing a happy dance here on the farm today! We got news last night that we have been awarded a gold medal for both entries we submitted to this year's Australian Food Awards. What a buzz!! Our first product is Black Garlic Salt. If you haven't tried this little condiment on your roast spuds, sprinkled on your steak or lightly dusted your grilled tomatoes with it yet, then you're in for a delicious treat! Of course you can be sure that the garlic comes from our farm, and only old fashioned chook and cow poo are used to fertilise the small crop. It is back breaking work; planting, weeding and harvesting. The process from planting till when you pinch a little black garlic salt between you

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