It's Quince Season!

It’s quince season! Our quince tree is small, and as yet we are to pick any fruit from it. So we are very fortunate to have been gifted a generous number of these bumpy yellow fruits again this season from Sandra Scott at DK Potatoes. I can almost see the tree from our back door! Local produce rocks! Of course the obligatory upside down quince cake must be made. It got the two thumbs up from the man in the house, so here's the recipe: Quince Almond Cake ( From First peel and cut two large quinces into 8ths. Cover with water. Toss a few cloves, a star anise and a stick of cinnamon in the poaching water. Add half a cup of castor sugar. Bring to the boil, then simmer till the quin

Monday hero

Welcome to a new week! And what a blustery, cold start it’s been here in our corner of the Otways. We had an amazing storm last night, giving us a spectacular light show. Of course the gutters blocked in a few minutes and Frans went out in the rain to do what handy blokes do. Climbing a ladder with lightning lighting up the sky is not advisable! He managed to clear the problem in a few minutes and hastily made it back indoors. We’ve had rain on and off all day which is wonderful. The dry ground is soaking up the lovely moisture. I thought I’d share with you what we got up to yesterday! This is my lovely neighbour Lorraine and myself at the Deans Marsh Festival yesterday. This pic was taken t

Water Bath for pickles

One of the most delicious ways of preserving vegetables is by pickling them. And when you pickle something, you usually give it a water bath or it is also called ‘canning’. What’s that you may ask? It’s when you put your bottled pickles into a pot with water and bring them to the boil. Depending on your ingredients, you will keep it at a slow boil anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. This will ensure your pickles are shelf stable for a long time and won’t ferment in the jar! Not that there’s anything wrong with fermented pickles, but if you want to keep them in your pantry and not your fridge, then you’ll need to follow the water bath process. My top tips for water bath processing: Use sterilise

Inspiration Monday

Be inspired by Kylie Treble from the Place of Wonder. Organic food grower, chef and educator.

Back again!

Hello again! It’s been lean pickings here in my blog world of late. Life gets a little busy sometimes and we lose focus of what we actually love to do. And I do love to put thoughts to paper, or rather, tap them onto a Word document! My original blog, Living This Life is still alive. It’s where I documented our wins and losses when we first moved to the country. Going back and reading some of those posts I realise how 'green' we were when we first landed on our little patch in the Otways. Keeping that blog going lead to other opportunities, and I was a regular contributor to the Birregurra Mail for over four years, and I still write for the beautiful Otway Life Magazine that is now an annual

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