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Farm Table

It’s funny how we take where we live for granted. The views, the clear skies, the sounds of the cockatoos and kookaburras are all just ‘there’. And then we host guests from far away places who just love those very things; no smog, no traffic noise and big wide open spaces. And the food!

Our little cabin is a ‘get away’ from all the rush of that other world. We love to treat our guests to the best farm-style breakfast they could possibly have when visiting us. We provide a basket of provisions with delicious local products including fresh farm eggs, freshly baked bread and farm jams. There are fresh herbs and depending on the season, I'll tuck some fresh berries, stonefruit or tomatoes into the basket. Our guests usually prepare their own breakfast at their leisure in the cabin.

We also offer ‘breakfast at the farm table’. I love this opportunity to chat with our visitors, answer questions and share some of the ‘must see’ Otways experiences with them. Our recent guests Wilson and Kitty chose to have breakfast at the farm table. We chatted about burning wood for the Rayburn stove, fermenting, cleaning garlic and a host of other ‘farm’ topics. A walk around the vegetable garden and a close up selfie with the cows, and they left with big smiles on to the next part of their journey.

What are the sorts of things you look for when you take a mini break? I’d love to know!

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