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My office!

Welcome to the weekend! The pots have been put away and the stove wiped down. I’m stepping away from the burners!

This is my office. It’s where I stir things up! My cooking days are spent right here. I’ve usually got an audio book playing as I stir, cook, test then bottle whatever happens to be on the production schedule for the day. I think I’ve exhausted the playlist on RB Digital and I’m working my way through Scribd! My preferred genre is crime, mystery and thrillers. I’m a bit partial to a blood and guts story. Yep, I’m strange! When I’m not listening to a novel, there’s usually an easy listening Spotify playlist going around in a loop.

I love a country kitchen, and we’re fortunate to have one that oozes charm. It’s a little bit old fashioned with the yellow wall paint that I wanted to get rid of as soon as we moved in (and still haven’t done so!). I’ve become so used to it that I don’t notice it anymore. It’s still on the ‘to do’ list however. We want to paint our lounge room this winter. I’ve gathered boxes to pack the bookshelves. Now I just need to get stuck into it and start packing. I’m still trying to convince Frans that red walls and deep green curtains will look rather spiffy. Wish me luck!

What I love about my kitchen:

* Rayburn wood stove

* Blue and white china collected on our travels and handed down from Frans' Dutch Mum

* Painting over the stove by my Uncle Hannes when he was 16.

* Olive oil tins for utensils (I used to buy oil for the tins, but don't do that any longer. Local oil is the only way to go!)

* Vintage salt pot

* Knitted dishcloth by Poppy Barry

* Copper jam pan by Mauviel

We'll be lighting this stove this week. The weather has turned cool. Winter is just around the corner.

For now, have a lovely autumn weekend!


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