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Easiest Scones ever!

Our little granddaughter Rafaella turned two last Sunday. So her Mum had a tutu tea party for her little friends and family. My job was making the scones, rainbow and chicken point sandwiches. And of course you need cream and jam for the scones! If you’ve never had a scone with marmalade, I urge you to give it a try.

My ‘go to’ scone recipe is one that has been made famous by the talented Prue Campbell from Birregurra. Watching Prue knock out hundreds of scones at the Birregurra Festival each year makes your eyes boggle!

My offerings are a little rustic compared to Prue’s. I love this recipe as it has only 3 ingredients. 👍

Here’s how I make them:

1. Put the baking tray in a hot oven while you prepare the scones. This is important❗️ 2. Mix together 2 cups Self Raising flour and a pinch of salt. 3. Add approx half a cup of pouring cream and half a cup of milk. 4. Mix together with a knife till the dough comes together. Add more cream if too dry, or more flour if too wet. 5. Tip mixture onto a floured bench and form into a nice lump about 2 to 3 cm high. Tip: I lay some grease proof paper on the bench first. Saves a lot of cleaning up! 6. Use a scone cutter or glass and press out as many scones as you can. You’ll get around 10 small ones or 8 larger ones. 7. Wipe the tops of the scones with a little milk. 8. Remove hot tray from the oven. Smear a blob of butter over the tray with a knife. Quickly set your scones onto the tray and bake for 10 - 12 minutes. . This is the quickest recipe to lean on when unexpected visitors turn up at your door. 😊

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