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And we have GOLD! Twice!

We're doing a happy dance here on the farm today! We got news last night that we have been awarded a gold medal for both entries we submitted to this year's Australian Food Awards. What a buzz!!

Our first product is Black Garlic Salt. If you haven't tried this little condiment on your roast spuds, sprinkled on your steak or lightly dusted your grilled tomatoes with it yet, then you're in for a delicious treat! Of course you can be sure that the garlic comes from our farm, and only old fashioned chook and cow poo are used to fertilise the small crop. It is back breaking work; planting, weeding and harvesting. The process from planting till when you pinch a little black garlic salt between your fingers is long and arduous. We are incredibly proud of this artisan product.

The second winner is the amazing, yes amazing, Pickled Baby Shiitake Mushrooms! This little product is a joint venture between us and Forrest Foods. Paul and WendyJane Troughton grow these fabulous little 'umami' mushrooms, then we give them the 'Ami treatment' and create this delectable pickle. They're good. Really good. I've seen people roll their eyes back in rapture! We love them sprinkled through a big salad, especially if you're broken a few seared salmon steaks onto the salad as well. They're great in an Asian stir fry of course. Pop them on a cheese platter and 'wow' your guests. And then if you just can't wait, grab a spoon and enjoy them straight from the jar. There's an added little bonus with this product. Use the juice in your next marinade! This is the 'foodie' gift you want to give your gourmet food loving friends.

And where can you find these winners you ask? There are a number of options. You'll find one to suit you I'm sure!

If you have a smart device, then download the Local Food Loop app. You'll find all our stockists listed under our listing.

You can of course order via Farmhouse Direct and we'll mail order to you.

Here is a list of our current stockists of the Shiitakes & Salts:

Wholesale enquiries: 0418 757 028

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