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Inspiration Monday

Welcome to a brand new week!

And welcome too to my first Inspiration Monday post!

I’ve decided to change the format of my social media and blog posts a little. With the help of lovely Sophie Hansen from My Open Kitchen, I’ll be sharing a little more of what we’re about and why we do what we do. Along the way I hope to inspire you a little to dig that garden bed, plant a pot of herbs for your city balcony, take a drive in the country, make a pot of luscious strawberry jam.

Making conserves and preserves have so many variables. I’ll share some of my tricks of the trade and take you behind the scenes in the farm kitchen.

So with no further waffling, here we go!

It is so refreshing to find someone who turns your ‘regular’ thinking on its head. Meet Kylie Treble from The Place of Wonder, based down near Portland, just a hop above the Great Ocean Road. I’m a ‘straight lines’ kind of gardener and find it aesthetically pleasing to see beautiful long lines of carrots, lettuce, silver beet or whatever I’ve planted growing neatly side by side. And along comes Kylie and challenges that thinking. Mix it up she says. Confuse the bad ‘critters’. It’s ok to have a few weeds growing between the edible stuff. And don’t you know it… some of those weeds are edible too!

Not only is Kylie a food growing guru, but she’s also an amazing chef. Queue her gorgeous book, Connect. You should see my copy… it’s marked with plenty of tabs and the recipes require repeat makings! Kylie’s parsley and garlic crackers are a pantry staple. They’re perfect for anyone following a ‘low carb’ diet, and they’re super with cheese!

Here are three things that I have learned from Kylie:

  1. Weeds are ok. They’re giving the ‘critters’ under the ground a home.

  2. Mulch mulch mulch in fat layers. Don’t ‘fluff’ out that pea straw. Layer it in chunks around your garden.

  3. At the end of the season when pulling out spent vegies, rather whipper snip them at the base and lie them onto the ground. They’ll feed the soil. Full circle. What’s not to love!

Follow Kylie on Instagram. Attend one of her garden days. You’ll come away inspired too!

So who inspires you? Please tell me!

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